Customized Facial 60 Minutes 95.00  plus
De-stress with a customized facial created to suit your skin’s needs. After careful analysis, a gentle cleansing and exfoliation will rid skin of impurities, and work to repair any imperfections. Slow down the signs of aging and relax with this restorative treatment that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Michael’s highly trained aestheticians will asses your skincare needs and prescribe the best suited treatments from one of their customized professional product lines.


Acne Treatment: 90 Minutes 120.00 plus
Acne can be described as a Chronic Inflammatory Skin Disorder, and is primarily due to dysfunction of the sebaceous gland (oil). This acne treatment targets acne from the root by controlling oil products minimizing inflammation, congestion, sensitivity, uneven skin texture and colouring. Biotechnological and superior phytoceutical extracts assist in restoring skin health and balance. Six treatments are recommended to achieve best long-lasting results. First three treatments should be every two weeks, and the next three treatments should be every three weeks.


Deep Cleanse Treatment: 45 Minutes 95.00 plus
Provides effective results incorporating cleansing extractions and a Purifying Mask. This treatment is indicated for all skin classifications, especially problematic skin (acne-prone skin) as a maintenance treatment. Recommended once or twice per month.


Extractions: 30 Minutes 65.00
Manual extractions of comedones, milia, pimples and blackheads. Includes complete treatment with facial mask.


AHA Treatment: 60 Minutes 115.00
A mild skin exfoliation treatment using Lacto Citric and Glycolic acids. This treatment provides controlled and predictable removal of dead skin cells. It will improve the texture and appearance of the skin. This treatments is perfect for oily skin and a great support treatment for acne-prone skin.


Microdermabrasion (Also for Acne): 45 Minutes 160.00
A crystal peel that removes scars, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and large pores.


Microdermabrasion with Lift 1 hr. 45 min. 245.00
Great for people concerned with aging. Includes a facial and microdermabrasion treatment with Derma Pod (electrical current and light therapy). The combination of which exercises the muscles while bringing radiance back to aging skin. For the best results a series of 5-10 treatments is recommended.


Back Facial 60 Minutes 150.00
Deep cleansing facial for your back. Great for acne prone skin.


Glycolic Peel: 30 Minutes 100.00
A standard active skin exfoliation. Indicated for environmentally damaged, hyper pigmented, and problematic skin classifications. This treatment improves the appearance of skin discoloration by applying fruit enzymes onto the skin. The dead cells are removed from the skin’s surface, which allows new and healthy cells to appear radiant and renewed. This will help give you an overall, even complexion. An intensive treatment consists of five treatments. The first three are to be performed once per week, and the remaining two treatments are done every other week. It is highly recommended to repeat the treatment two to three times per year.


Microneedling: 60 Minutes 300.00 (package of 6 required)
A specialized professional skin rejuvenation treatment procedure used to achieve immediate and visible renewal with long lasting effects. A minimally invasive microneedle roller is utilized to stimulate collagen induction and serves as a trans dermal delivery device to increase penetration of active ingredients captured in trans dermal solutions. A minimum of 6 treatments is required to obtain desired results. The process of remodeling can continue up to 6-12 months after treatment. Package price includes microneedling roller and maintenance products).


Collagen 911 Treatment 60 Minutes 90.00
Intensive anti-aging moisturizing and renewing skin care. Exclusive sheets of pure salmon DNA combined with active ingredients provides outstanding results in epidermal regeneration, hydration and wrinkle smoothing. Also used as a scar prevention treatment. Total of 5 treatments recommended, first 3 once a week and the following 2 treatments every other week. For maximum results repeat the series of treatments 2-3 times per year.


Facial Massage 20 Minutes 45.00
Great for keeping your face looking soft and relaxed. Very beneficial for people with a lot of stress. A series of 10 is recommended for the maximum benefits.


Oxygen Infusion Starting at 50.00
Customized solutions that infuse 95% pure oxygen and prescriptive serums deep into the dermis for instant plumping, and radiance while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, treat uneven skin tones or calm and clarify problematic skin. Oxygen Infusion makes you look like a better version of yourself.