Chinese traditional medicine


Acupuncture at Michael’s hair body mind Acupuncture is one of the modalities of Oriental medicine. Although what is called acupuncture in the West comprises several different therapies (including cupping) mostly it consists of the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points shown to be effective in the treatment of specific health problems including respiratory, circulatory, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders to name a few. Acupuncture has been used for centuries in Asia to treat hundreds of health problems.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the main treatment method within traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. It is the world’s oldest, continually practiced, professional medicine with documented history going back more than 2500 years. Chinese herbal medicine is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies in the West. Like with all medicine – Traditional Chinese herbs should be prescribed by a professional practitioner to assure high quality products and proper dosage.

Qigong (or Chigong)

consists of techniques for dealing with human energy flow. In applying the Qigong techniques, one employs the use of the human body’s chakras and meridians which are the body’s focal points and channels through which it’s Qi Energy flows. In the view of Chinese medicine, many illnesses are caused by blockages in these channels. In learning to recognize, utilize, circulate, and direct the internal energy of the human body, an individual can also connect with the energy of the universe and of the earth, and learn to interact with all of nature as a whole. Through use of certain energies and techniques, Qi Gong can relieve pain, strengthen the body’s constitution, improve intelligence, and prolong life.

The three-tier approach is Open, Nourish, and Clear:

  1. Opening the blockages with Acupuncture, Tong Ren and Tui Na massage and maintaining the free flow of Qi and blood via the nerves and arterial systems.
  2. Nourishing the body and mind through natural whole food and herbs which follows the natural way the body was designed to receive it’s nutrition. “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
  3. Clear pathogens by means of herbal, homeopathic or allopathic medicines. The three-tier approach is in order of importance and using one or a combination or all three we can treat and prevent illness by following these basic fundamentals.