Michael’s Hair Body Mind believes true beauty comes from the inside out, and the same holds true for your hair. Having healthy luxurious hair can only be achieved by starting with a clean and healthy scalp. That is why Michael’s offers complimentary hair and scalp analysis to every guest. Our specialty trained technicians can examine and diagnose all of your scalp and hair concerned with a computerized scope, and create an in-salon and home care plan best suited for your needs to get you on the road to follicle beauty from the inside out.

Scalp and Analysis and Treatments

All treatments except *Re-Balancing include a scalp massage.
Energizing Treatment:45.00
- For finer fragile hair
- For Premature hair loss
- For Hormonal hair loss
- For Dehydrated, loss of elasticity and flexibility
Valmont Nourishing Restructuring Treatment:
30 Min Express
60 Min Full Treatment
- Anti-aging treatment for restoring youthful vitality to scalp and hair. 60 Min Full Treatment
- For Environmentally stressed hair and scalp affected by dust, smog, chlorine, copper, sea water etc.
- For treatment of dry and greasy dandruff
- For treatment of overactive oil glands
Indulgence Treatments:
- 20 min intensive scalp massage that can be added to any other hair service.