Q. I think my hair is thinning, what do I do?

A. Thinning hair is a very common problem with may possible causes and just as many solutions. At Michael’s we have scalp technicians trained to examine your scalp with a hand held magnified scope and diagnose the many conditions that lead to hair loss. Our private consultation area will make you feel at ease while one of our technicians helps find the solution and homecare to stop hair loss in its tracks and return your hair and scalp to full health.

Q. I’m unsure whether I want full colour or highlights. What should I book for?

A. In today’s fashionable world there are so many options when it comes to hair colour. Decisions on what technique and how much colour will suit you best is just the beginning. Start by booking a friendly consultation with one of Michael’s colour specialists to go over all your defining factors such as hair growth, time, and lifestyle, and budget, condition of hair and salon/home maintenance will get you the desired results you’ve always wanted.

Q. I love rich, vibrant colour, but how do I keep it from fading?

A. The condition of your hair is the key to keeping the colour looking fresh. To achieve this you must use an appropriate shampoo and condition, and follow a regime (e.g. deep treatment once a week). This can be recommended by your colour specialist or stylist. In the case of high fashion reds and blondes, colour shine is recommended which is a “between-colour” service that conditions and restructurizes the hair and revitalizes colour. Tanning beds have the same radiation as the sun only in higher concentrations – and we all know how damaging the sun can be. Unprotected hair can become dry and brittle; the colour will fade due to the cuticle being damaged. Be sure to wrap your hair up in a towel while tanning.

Q. I’ve never been to your salon, how do I know which stylist or colourist to go to?

A. If you’ve been searching for your stylist soul mate, Michael’s wants nothing more than to make your dreams come true. When calling to book your appointment feel free to mention any and all the qualities you are looking for in a stylist and or colourist. Things to consider are; level of experience, your desired style (more conservative vs. latest trend) your availability, and any troubleshooting issues you’ve experienced before (frizzy curls, over-processed colour, flat lifeless hair etc.) The front line staff at Michael’s will do their best to accommodate all of your needs. And if by chance you feel we didn’t find the right stylist/colourist for you, we will be more than happy to refer you to another till you find your perfect match.

Q. My hair has been coloured too Dark/Light, what can I do?

A. An in depth consultation is required to figure out a solution to the problem. Because everyone’s hair and hair problem revolves around a different set of circumstances, a colour correction may be easy or require more attention. At Michael’s our colour specialists are specifically trained to perform corrective work.

Q. I’m thinking of growing out my natural grey hair, is there any way to do it gracefully?

A. It may take some time but transitioning from colour to grey doesn’t have to mean having hideous colour for a year or more. First things first, book yourself an appointment with one of our colour specialist and they can take you through all the possibilities of the most graceful way to grow in your grey.

Q. I need a last minute gift. Can you help?

A. We offer Gift Certificates for purchase in the salon or here on our website. You can print the Gift Certificate and give that or you can send it via email.