Microblading $500.00

Microblading has taken over the permanent cosmetic world. With this technique you we create hair like strokes that only go as deep as the first or second layer of the dermis creating a semi permanent tattoo that intensifies or accentuates your natural eyebrow or fills in density challenged areas creating a natural looking eyebrow that lasts 16 – 20 months. We use a safe inorganic pigment that is safe and non- irritating and lasts longer.

Nanobrows $600.00

This method is done with a rotary machine. The finished look is similar to microblading, but your eyebrows will last for years.

Shaded/Ombre Brows $550.00

This technique is also done with a rotary machine but the finished look is more of a powdery look.

(All microblading eyebrow technique prices include the first touch-up if done within recommended time frame as prescribed by the tattoo artist)

Permanent Make-up Tattooing Starting from $250.00

Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Liner$350.00 +
Lower Liner$250.00 +
Upper and Lower Liner$550.00 +

Permanent Lip Liner

Lip Liner$400.00
Full Lip$600.00