Senior Stylist/Colourist/Retexturizing Specialist

Anita has been a valued member of the Michael’s team since 2002. She specializes in Bio-Ionic and Brocato smoothing systems, wedding party & bridal `dos. She is known in the industry for her expertise in, and flare for, creating extraordinary hair accessories—especially retro and vintage looks—out of ordinary items. Anita is passionate about cutting and styling both long and short hair, and her desire for advanced education has led her to be Michael’s Eufora Elite Team Member, consistently updating and educating the staff. Anita believes it is possible for everyone to look and feel good about themselves. Pursuing her passion for hairstyling, she realizes there is
Some of Anita’s most recent noteworthy education is as follows.

· Davines Renaissance of Colour

· 2008 & 2010 attended Eufora Global Connection in San Diego

· 2010 & 2012 Vidal Sassoon Classic Cutting and Creative Cutting

· Eufora Cutting Foundations 1&2

· Eufora Men’s Contemporary Cutting

· Davines Colour Correction

· Eufora Advanced Razor Cutting

· 2011- Present Eufora Elite Team Member

· 2013 – Eufora Avant Garde Finalist & SOYA Awards